Who We Are

bill_of_rights_logoWe are the Artists' Bill of Rights Supporters – organisations from around the world united by a belief that artists' intellectual property rights are to be respected. We believe everyone is endowed with the capacity to create expressive work -  paintings, photographs, poems, videos, musical compositions, songs, stories, etc. Artistic expression has value and the United Nations, along with nearly every national jurisdiction grants each and everyone of us exclusive rights to control how our works may be used and by whom.

The organizations below have committed to supporting the aims of the Artists' Bill of Rights, a set of ethical principles for the treatment of your rights. Although our Bill of Rights principles apply particularly to competitions seeking visual creative content, our princiles apply to any artistic discipline requiring the submission of creative content.

Further information about the Artists' Bill of Rights campaign can be found in our Introduction to the Bill of Rights for Artists.

Listed below in alphabetical order is a complete listing of all the organisations who actively support the Artists' Bill of Rights.  Feel free to contact us about becoming a supporter of our principles.


Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association

aipaThe Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association of New Zealand was founded in 1978 to advance and represent the interests of its members. 

Of primary concern is the issue of copyright. AIPA has determined to become a strong advocate for law change in this area, as well as supporting photographers in their individual decisions to contract out of the current copyright law. AIPA has drawn up standard terms and conditions and a licence form for use by all photographers in order to facilitate this.

Remaining true to its ideals, the association aims to encourage continuous development and excellence in professional photography in New Zealand both by photographers and the users of photography. Emphasis is placed in particular on the ongoing evolution of the association website which informs members as well as showcasing their work and that of the AIPA.

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Amantani UK

AmantaniV2-small Amantani UK; Amantani's boarding houses in southern Peru have transformed the lives of 64 children who previously walked up to 8 hours daily to get to and from school.

We help the indigenous children of Ccorca to successfully negotiate with Peru’s modern and westernized society. Our boarding houses offer a sustainable solution. We provide an inter-cultural and relevant education, helping young people to acquire local skills and values as well as the skills, attitudes and knowledge that they need in order to take advantage of the modernisation of their district rather than fall victim to it.


American Photographic Artists (APA)

APA_Logo_TM_300 The American Photographic Artists (APA) is a leading national organization run by and for professional photographers. With a culture that promotes a spirit of mutual cooperation, sharing and support, APA offers outstanding benefits, educational programs and essential business resources to help its members achieve their professional and artistic goals. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with chapters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, the Midwest, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Charlotte, Colorado, the Northwest and Washington, DC, APA strives to improve the environment for photographic artists and clear the pathways to success in the industry. Recognized for its broad industry reach, APA continues to expand benefits for its members and works to champion the rights of photographers and image-makers worldwide. Follow at  facebook-icon twitter-icon


Apogee Photo Magazine

ApogeeLogo_web3Apogee Photo Magazine;  Since 1996, Apogee Photo Magazine has been a FREE online magazine designed to inform, educate and entertain photographers of all levels.  We are comfortable serving photographers in the home, the classroom, the club meeting, the studio or anywhere you can be online.

We offer high quality photographic articles and columns around an array of subjects--how-to's & techniques, business, nature & wildlife, travel, digital imaging, fashion photography and more.  The offering of online photography classes through the Apogee Photo Online Campus makes access to learning this art form easy, interactive and fun.

Apogee Photo Magazine is conversational and friendly--photo networking in progress.


The Art of Photography Show

ArtOfPhotographyShow-650The Art of Photography Show is an established and critical force in the world of contemporary photography. Now in its 9th year, this presentation of world class photography is truly exquisite. The show provides tangible benefits to artists trying to break into the public eye. This well thought out international exhibition provides value to artists at every turn, from first-rate viewing in the judging process to exhibition and publication opportunities, photo industry connections and monetary awards.

The judge for the 2013 exhibit is Julia Dolan, the Curator of Photography at the Portland Art Museum.

Check out a special PDF of information about the Art of Photography Show here.

Final entry deadline is May 18th at 11:59 pm PDT (California Time). Early Bird discount available until February 24!

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Artquest provides information, advice and services on the critical, professional, financial and legal aspects of a visual artists career.  Their 2,000 page website includes the Artlaw archive of articles, written by arts legal specialist Henry Lydiate, covering all aspects of art and the law including contracts, copyright, intellectual property, resale rights, working with galleries and setting up organisations.  Updated monthly, the archive is free to access.

Visual artists in London, UK, can also get free online legal advice through Artlaw as a first point on contact when considering their legal options or before entering agreements.  Follow at facebook-icon twitter-icon


Association of Illustrators

AOI_Logo_2009_Name_278c-280pxThe Association of Illustrators (AOI) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1973 to promote contemporary illustration and establish industry standards. AOI has successfully worked to increase the standing of illustration as a profession and improve commercial and ethical conditions of employment. Amongst other benefits, members have access to a free dedicated hotline for legal, ethical and pricing advice.

Today, the AOI is working to inspire and educate future generations, campaigns for illustrators' rights and liaises with national and international organisations, agents and illustrators over industry issues.

Publications from AOI include Varoom – illustration, culture, society magazine and the Illustrators Guide to Law and Business Practice. AOIPortfolios site offers promotional space for illustrators.

AOI was a founding member of Pro-Action – Visual Artists in Business, which was set up to campaign against unfair contracts and terms of trade. Follow at  facebook-icon twitter-icon


Association of Photographers

aopThe Association of Photographers was founded in the United Kingdom 1968 as a trade association to bring professional photographers together, to protect their rights and promote photography.

They campaign for all photographers and their awards promote the best in photography. AoP also provide information services, education programmes, exhibitions and publications to support these activities. As image-makers respond to globalisation, the AOP is building an effective network of communications with photographers from around the world.

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Australian Institute of Professional Photography

AIPP-Australia-logoThe Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is Australia's leading membership body for the photography community. Supporting professional photographers at all stages of their careers and enabling them to become accredited to the photographic organisation that is the AIPP.

The AIPP is the only professional photography organisation which provides a standard assurance through its ongoing accreditation program.

With a history of more than 40 years in the photographic industry, the AIPP has become Australia's leading professional photography institute. Catering to photographic enthusiasts, students and industry veterans, membership with the AIPP is a symbol of one's professional ability and dedication to the photographic sector and community. Fully accredited members are tested for their expertise in the field and are required to have a minimum of two years working experience as a professional photographer.  Follow at  facebook-icon twitter-icon


British Cave Research Association

BritishCaveResearchAssociation The British Cave Research Association (http://bcra.org.uk) is a UK registered charity, and a constituent body of the British Caving Association, undertaking charitable activities on behalf of BCA.

BCRA's object is to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena. It attains this object by supporting cave & karst research; by encouraging original exploration (both in the UK and on expeditions overseas); by collecting and publishing speleological information;
maintaining a library; and organising educational and scientific conferences and meetings.

BCRA organises an annual caving conference, known as Hidden Earth, (http://hidden-earth.org.uk) at which it runs its Photo Salon, Art Salon and Video Media Salon competitions, in addition to providing a programme of lectures on British caving, including expeditions, new discoveries, technical updates and audio-visual shows.


British Institute of Professional Photography


The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) is the official qualifying body for professional photographers in the UK; training, qualifying and supporting people in professional photography.

An internationally recognised qualifying organisation, with over 100 years of experience in supporting photographers, we have over 3,500 members worldwide, covering every discipline of photography - fashion, marine, forensic, wedding, architectural, advertising, etc. The core aims of BIPP are to train, qualify and support professional photographers. In order to do this, we offer a challenging qualifications structure, a full programme of training courses and events plus a number of preferential deals on useful products and services. Events, awards and knowledge all provide a community to support you, as a photographer. 

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The British Photographic Council

bpc The British Photographic Council exists to protect, develop and promote the rights and interests of photographic image makers, those involved in the distribution of their work, and the bodies that represent them in the UK.

The Council represents these view to the Government, the European Commission and other relevant bodies either directly or through or with the co-operation of other bodies with similar aims.

It also exists to improve and encourage best practice nationally and internationally on matters relating to the use of photography, and the employment and commissioning of representing photographic image makers and the distribution of their work.


Bruce Smith Photographer

BruceSmithPhotographyAcademy Bruce Smith Photographer offers workshops that will give you a foundation from which to actively pursue fashion photography as a vocation.  Learn essential insights, tips and techniques that will inspire you to develop your own skills and style as a fashion photographer - so you too can capture the glamour, dynamism, and sophistication of the fashion photography industry.

Courses in shooting fashion, nudes, portraiture, boudoir and model portfolios held in London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Majorca, Turkey and Ibiza, plus many other cities around the globe.

These hands-on photography courses will give you the tools required to create a winning portfolio of amazing fashion images, and ultimately to succeed in the world of fashion photography.


Code 3 Records

Code3Records logoCode 3 Records Artist Services, is a new kind of business serving the music industry that works for the artist and helps them develop their talent, organize their personal brand, control their intellectual property, market, monetize, and license their music. We have 200% clearance on all of the music in our catalog making licensing music seamless. “We believe if you created it, you should own it, and then license it!”

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Colour Confidence

colourconfidenceColor Confidence was one of the first UK companies to provide a wide range of colour management product solutions, technical advice and training for a rapidly expanding digital imaging market and continues to be so.

Today Color Confidence stands at the forefront of the European colour management market, providing expert consultancy, education and a market leading product range to a diverse cross section of customers. These include, graphic designers, artists, publishers, repro companies, printers, digital photographers and labs, multi national enterprises and government agencies. Follow at twitter-icon facebook-icon


Creative Tourist

creativetourist_gravatar158x158 Creativetourist.com is an online magazine and a series of city guides that has been put together by Manchester Museums Consortium, a group of nine museums and galleries in Manchester. creativetourist.com, with its mix of exclusive features, interviews, arts news and city guides, allows readers to discover more about what’s happening in the city, uncover its outstanding cultural programme and collections, and perhaps come to be as passionate about Manchester as its inhabitants. Follow at  facebook-icon



djfotograferne DJ:Fotograferne is a special group of professional photographers within the Danish Union of Journalists.

"Photographers" was originally founded 1969 as an association and over the years since then has merged with various other groups. The most recent merger was with the Danish Union of Journalists in 2000.

You can visit their Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/DJFotograferne/


Epson International Photographic Pano Awards

EpsonPanoAwardsAdvances in digital photography and editing software have resulted in an ever-increasing rise in the popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. VR ‘immersive’ photography also continues to excite and develop at a rapid pace, and panoramic film photography remains alive and well.

The EPSON International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography.

The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography. Founded in 2009, the awards are a collaboration between professional photographers, industry professionals and sponsors. Their aim is to give the genre of panoramic photography its day in the sun.

The EPSON International Pano Awards have been a steadfast supporter of the Artists BIll of Rights principles since our founding.

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epukEditorial Photographers of United Kingdom & Ireland was founded in 1999 by a group of photographers to create an email group to address business issues. 

EPUK is an email group for professional editorial photographers who want to talk business. They don't do techie stuff or in-crowd gossip. We don't talk cameras or computers. What we talk about are the nuts and bolts of being in business - like copyright, licensing, fees and insurance.

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Falkland Islands Tourist Board

Falkland Islands Tourist Board Falkland Islands Tourist Board; The Falkland Islands have a raw, unspoilt quality that entices locals and tourists back time and again.

Visitors to the Islands are spoilt for choice with more than 227 species of identified birds (including several of the world’s largest endangered breeding colonies), plus whales, dolphins, elephant seals, sea lions, delicate flora, tasty local produce and rugged geographical formations. Follow at  twitter-icon



FotografenFederatieDuPho., formerly FotografenFederatie, stands for Dutch Photographers Association of Professional Photographers.

DuPho dedicates itself to improving the position of professional photographers in the commercial, social and cultural sphere. It actively focuses attention on their work and the profession nationally and internationally. 

Activities, lectures, workshops and social events are organized together with the national bureau. Members determine the agenda and form the most important source of information and inspiration. DuPho's strength is in the collective: you support the collective and the collective supports you.

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g-technologybyhitachi-logorgbG-Technology (blog) is a leading provider of external storage solutions engineered specifically to meet the needs of the creative professional community.

This includes heavy users of multimedia content, digital audio/video specialists and other pre- and post-production professionals.

G-Technology is an on-going supporter of digital content creators; understanding and delivering solutions to the challenges they face in the capture, manipulation, render and storage of their creativity. Follow at  facebook-icon   twitter-icon

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Grand Prix de la Découverte International Fine Art Photography Program

Int Fine Art logo v3The Grand Prix de la Découverte International Fine Art Photography Program has a clear mission – to celebrate fine art photography, discover new talent, and provide recognition and exposure for exceptional photographic work.

Sponsored by the de Groot Foundation, the annual competition reaches out to emerging and mid-career photographers around the world and invites a jury of the highest quality to review the submitted work. The awards provide support for fine art photographers, with more than $35,000 in cash awards and a Paris exhibition of finalists' work seen by thousands of photographers, collectors, and gallery directors.

All finalists' work is also accepted into the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, an honor for the artists and a significant contribution to the BnFs contemporary collection. The program is dedicated to the rights of photographers and the support of deserving artists on their creative path.

Vive la photographie!

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Icelandic Association of Professional Photographers

ljosmyndarafelagislands The Icelandic Association of Professional Photographers was formed in 1926 by 18 founding members to represent the interests of the professional photograpahic community.

In recent decades, members of the Icelandic Photographers' Association have been involved in very diverse challenges. Subjects and approaches have changed from being mainly landscape and portrait work to the community: documenting and working with people and the human factors in the environment thus making today's photography an important part of our culture.



ICMPhotoMag logo ICMPhotoMag is a first-of-its-kind e-magazine dedicated solely to ICM photography, as well as a commitment to pay featured photographers for their content.

This project has a strong focus on supporting ICM photographers and artists from around the world by paying them for their work, by helping to drive more attention to them as individual artists, and by mentoring photographers in the creative processes and techniques of intentional camera movement.

See our website for more details and visit us on Facebook and Instagram.


International Garden Photographer of the Year

igpotyThe International Garden Photographer of the Year is a premier photography competition specialising in all photography subjects relating to gardens.

The competition is open to everyone anywhere in the world. Images do not have to be taken in a specified year, so Southern hemisphere entrants can use archived photographs for the seasonal competitions. There is no distinction drawn between professional and amateur photographers. Follow at   twitter-icon  facebook-icon


International Photo Contest and Salon - Ozone Zone

Ozone-zone-logoPromoting The Beauty of Our World and Positive Changes

FIAP Patronage. Salon quickly gains recognition as one of most attractive and unique international photo contests. With modest fees, it offers a chance for big cash awards. Visit us and enter.


International Taste and Quality Institute

iTQi-camera-logo-300 The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) is the leading independent Chef- and Sommelier- based organisation dedicated to certifying superior tasting food and drink. Products are blind tested solely on their own merit (not compared) following a rigorous sensory analysis process with the focus on the intensity of gustatory pleasures. Only products with a gustatory score higher than 70% are granted a Superior taste Award.

iTQi-Events was created in a bid to go beyond the Institute’s traditional activities. The Institute already worked towards promoting the creations of producers of food and drink and the additional goal was to do the same for photography enthusiasts. Through the creation of iTQi-Events and its Superior Photo Award, the objective was to supply photographers with a good and trustworthy platform to develop and expose their passion. To stay up to date with all the photo-related news from iTQi-Events visit our Facebook page.

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Jamptopia feature live concert videos, concert DVD's, Concert tickets, live music streams, concert photos, and more, Including the Jamtopia Concert Photo Contest open to all photographers from around the world.


Leicestershire County Council

leicestershirecouncilLeicestershire is in the east midlands region of England and the Leicestershire County Council covers seven district council areas providing a wide range of services to over 600,000 local people. Leicestershire County Council has the honour of being the first United Kingdom Local Authority to publicly declare it's support for the Bill of Rights For Artists.


Lens Culture International Exposure Awards

lens cultureLens Culture International Awards is a leading global photography competition, dedicated to discovering, rewarding and promoting talented, new, emerging and established photographers from around the world.

In addition to the cash and other prizes, the winning photographs will be exhibited in Paris, New York and San Francisco in 2011.

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Lucy Bell Fine Art Photography Gallery & Agency

lucy-bell-galleryLucy Bell founded and directed The Independent Photographers Gallery in Battle from 2001, and has now moved, to “the Portobello of the South” Normans Road, in St Leonards on Sea. Her new Gallery is dedicated to promoting exhibiting and selling Fine Art Photography, and also to hosting talks, workshops and film previews. Lucy Bell also founded the Terry O’Neill Award, supported by The Sunday Times Magazine.

The gallery’s ethos is to promote fine art photography in the region whilst maintaining international and national connections. Working with with both industry professionals, amateurs and universities the gallery will exhibit not only those who have established their careers but new and groundbreaking talent. 

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National Speleological Society

nss-colour The National Speleological Society is the caving organization in the USA, and is dedicated to the exploration, study, and conservation of caves.  It is the umbrella organization for over 10,000 members in 200+ local 'grottos' (chapters). 

The traveling annual weeklong convention of the NSS, hosted by a grotto or other group, includes 10 'salons' or competitions, which include digital photographs and photographic prints of caves, as well as video, multimedia, art, music, cartography. periodical covers, t-shirts, and symbolic emblems.


North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)

NANPANorth American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) is a nonprofit membership association that helps North America-based nature photographers at all levels of experience grow as artists, community scientists, and entrepreneurs through education, networking, and advocacy. Together with our members, we advance conservation and foster ethical field practices for the long-term benefit of all. NANPA is a member of the Coalition of Visual Artists and the Copyright Alliance, and has served as a leader in those groups' efforts to protect intellectual property, pass the CASE Act, and modernize the U.S. copyright office. We've also successfully advocated for photographers' rights in specific requests to Instagram and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.


The National Press Photographers Association

nppa The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism, its creation, editing and distribution, in all news media. NPPA encourages photojournalists to reflect high standards of quality in their professional performance and in their personal code of ethics. NPPA vigorously promotes freedom of the press in all its forms. To this end, NPPA provides continuing educational programs and fraternalism without bias, as we support and acknowledge the best the profession has to offer.

Membership in the NPPA is open to all individuals who are working or aspiring towards working in the field of visual journalism. This includes those who work or freelance in photography, multimedia, audio, video, design, editing, producing, teaching, writing, reporting, or visual journalism on the Web. Follow at  facebook-icon twitter-icon


Photo Attorney®


The Law Office of Carolyn E. Wright, LLC, d/b/a Photo Attorney®, provides legal services aimed squarely at the needs of photographers. Headed by a lawyer/photographer, Carolyn and her colleagues understand the special issues that confront both professional and amateur photographers alike.

The firm practices in the areas of intellectual property, including copyright and trademark law, copyright and trademark registration and licensing; contract drafting and review; and tort litigation, including personal injury and violations of right of privacy/right of publicity/misappropriation of name or likeness. In sum, Photo Attorney® protects the rights of photographers and other creatives.

Photo Attorney® also provides free information on the law for photographers, including notices of harmful terms and conditions for photo contests and other rights grabs at www.photoattorney.com and @PhotoAttorney on Twitter.


Photographers Direct

photographersdirectPhotographers Direct is an international professional photographic portal representing more than 10,000 stock and assignment photographers worldwide. Photographers Direct promotes photographers' rights and is run on a Fair Trade basis. With a searchable database of more than 1.5 million stock images, Photographers Direct pays photographers the best commission rates in the world on the licensing of their images.


The Photographic Society of South Africa

PSSA logo JPEG 250 pixelsThe Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) was founded in 1954 as a non-profit organisation to bring together all people interested in photography, promoting the highest possible standards and to promote the interests of photography amongst its members.

PSSA is the officially recognised, autonomous Body representing photography in South Africa and is affiliated to equivalent bodies such as the Photographic Society of America and others, thus affording its members contact with international affairs of photography.

PSSA organises National and International Photographic Salons and bestows Honours and Awards to its membership. A quarterly magazine, IMAGE, is publish for the benefit of the members. The Board of Directors are elected by the members. Through Congresses held annually the PSSA provides a platform to meet fellow photographers and hear speakers who are recognised as leading authorities in their particular fields. 

The Society monitor and censors images deemed unfit for public viewing within their sphere of influence.  Additionally the PSSA endeavours to protect members and affiliated clubs from competitions that champion unfair and unprincipled terms and conditions that would divest them of the rights to their photographs.

PSSA website is: www.pssa.co.za and can be followed on FaceBook.


Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year

PinkLadyFoodPhotographerlogoD5-20121 Created in 2011 by Kenyon Communications, award-winning Public Relations, Marketing and Event Management specialists in the field of produce, people and places, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is inspired by the proliferation of wonderful food photography in a huge variety of applications. From eye-catching advertising hoardings, to sumptuous editorial features, from tempting food packaging to daily blogs. The Awards celebrate this magnificent diversity in what is truly, the stuff of life.

The Awards seek to single out not only technical skill, but originality of treatment and a real sense of connection with the subject matter whatever it may be. Whether simply an apple on a plate, a cake of spun sugar, a baker covered in flour at four in the morning, or a pot simmering on an open fire in the African bush.

We are looking for professional and amateur alike, in our search for the very best depictions of this marvellously varied subject of food, which unites us all. 

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Pixel Perfect Prolab

PixelPerfectProlab Pixel Perfect Prolab was started in 2000 by a group of Australia's leading photographers & colour management specialists.

Pixel Perfect Prolab is a one-stop-shop for all your digital printing needs in Australia. We offer a wide range of services including professional photo printing, canvas & art paper printing, mounting & laminating, image retouching services and much more. We are the most advanced professional photo printing lab and use the latest printers & techniques.

We are the only lab anywhere to offer our now legendary 110% guaranteed accuracy & consistency that will save you far more time and money than seemingly cheaper competitors, so you enjoy greater profits!

Our internationally-acclaimed colour-control strategies are your assurance of perfect results, first time & every time!




PlanetNikon is the home of author Darrell Young's Nikon® informational website, blog, and technical forums. There you will find lots of articles, reviews, and a cool blog for dedicated Nikon users. In addition to the comprehensive information concerning all things Nikon® the website also has an online store through which equipment can be purchased and a thriving forum open to all.


Pro-Imaging Organisation

pro-imaging logoPro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.

In 2007, Pro-Imaging developed the Artists' Bill of Rights, the campaign that created a set of standards which respect the intellectual property rights of creative people. These standards can be freely used by all organisations when setting terms and conditions for competitions involving the submission of creative content. Follow at facebook-icon twitter-icon


Professional Women Photographers

PWPonline logoProfessional Women Photographers (PWP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women photographers. Through exhibitions, workshops and networking opportunities, PWP creates a dynamic and inspiring environment that encourages individual growth and promotes public interest in photography. Our monthly lecture series combines social networking with the opportunity to meet successful photographers and industry leaders who discuss their careers, artistic inspiration, and technical choices.

Our members range from photojournalists to fine art photographers, from seasoned professionals to newly emerging artists. Professional Women Photographers welcomes any woman photographer interested in connecting to other photographers to share information, ideas and experiences in an informal and professional atmosphere.



ProlabProlab Logo 280 has been a quality provider of photographic and fine art imaging services since 1976.

Every link on our website provides you with descriptions, prices, and images to make it easier for you to find an answer to your question.

Our Onsite and Online emphasises our extensive in-house production capabilities combined with a simple, online Remote Order Entry System (ROES) or mobile secure web upload form. So regardless of your imaging and display needs, you will find that Prolab can offer a professional, businesslike service.

Our comprehensive range of products and services are all designed and tailored to provide you with quality, competitively priced solutions. Whether it is a custom, hand-finished job that is required or a fully automated and streamlined secure upload, print, and white label shipping service that you can trust, the team at Prolab can deliver. Call or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us to see how we can assist with your next project.

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Renaissance Photography Prize

renaissance2011-smallThe Renaissance Photography Prize is an international photography competition which raises money to support younger women with breast cancer. Fiona Gifford, a lawyer with a passion for photography, founded the competition in 2007 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34 and is delighted that, four years on, it has become an established fixture in the photography world.

By entering, you get the chance to have your work judged by some of the top names in photography, be exhibited in the prestigious Mall Galleries in the heart of London and win over £8,000 ($12,000) worth of prizes. But you’ll also be donating to breast cancer as all of your entry fee is donated to the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care. Renaissance is run entirely by volunteers. Every penny goes to charity. Everyone gives their time and expertise for free which has allowed us to raise over £90,000 so far. Follow at  facebook-icon linkedin-icon


Scottish Nature Photography Awards

snpa_logo Scottish Nature Photography Awards: Photographers from all over the world are drawn to and inspired by Scotland's landscape and natural heritage.

The Scottish Nature Photography Awards main Photographic Competition consists of nature, landscape and wildlife categories and is for images taken in Scotland by professional, semi-professional or amateur photographers. We are proud to be the first Scottish supporters of the Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions. Follow at  twitter-icon


Simon Larbalestier Photography

SimonLarbalestierSimon Larbalestier is a photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand since 2001. Noted for his collaborative work with Vaughan Oliver and the design studios 23 Envelope and v23, he provided the photography used on album artwork for the bands Pixies, Red House Painters, Heidi Berry and others on the 4AD label.

Much of the pair’s collaborative work is featured in Vaughan Oliver: Visceral Pleasures. His work includes magazine covers for New Scientist and book covers for Random House and Secker & Warburg, featuring his distinctive collage style that he first developed at college. Larbalestier has had many solo and group exhibitions in Britain, Europe, Scandinavia and USA. During the 1990s and 2000s he produced several landscape series in Italy, USA and Australia and several recent documentary series in Thailand, Cambodia and other areas of South East Asia. A recent documentary series shot in Angkor Wat and Siem Reap deals strongly with the human condition through portraits and atmospheric images of vacant rooms and landscapes, with details of possessions revealing how people live. In 2009 Larbalestier and Oliver collaborated again on a limited edition box set re-issue of Pixies recordings, Minotaur, that included a 72 page book of new photography and graphics. In April 2010, Snap Galleries, Piccadilly, London housed a major retrospective of Larbalestier’s Pixies archive dating from 1986-2009. Follow at facebook-icon twitter-icon


The Society of Artists Agents

SAA_Logo The Society of Artists Agents (SAA) was formed in 1992 and its member agents represent some of the best available talent in the world.

Our broad aim is to promote the use of illustration and to unify and improve the working practices between illustrators, agents and clients.

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Stockbox Photo® Gallery Software provides an affordable solution for photographers and artists to display and sell their work online. Create your own stock photo library or online proofing system and stop paying commissions to third party providers.

A full featured online gallery maker and digital asset manager, that gives you the ability to auto generate thumbnails, watermark images, utilize a dynamic user registration system, view images in a slideshow, user lightboxes, integrated Rights Managed pricing calculator, batch upload of media, advanced search features, display a variety of media formats (images, video, audio), XMP format IPTC support, and offer a variety of products (including instant downloads) with a fully integrated shopping cart and secure online payment processing. Now Stockbox Photo® also supports Credit, Duration and Package subscriptions.

Stockbox Photo® can be used out of the box as a stand alone website, or it can be easily added to an existing site. The powerful web based admin control panel, gives you all that you will need to create a dynamic and exciting e-commerce enabled photo gallery website.

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stop43-UK-300 Stop43.org.uk was founded in March 2010 to campaign for the removal of the highly damaging "Orphan Works" Clause 43 from the UK Digital Economy Bill. This Clause, enabling the unfettered commercial use of "Orphan Works" (copyright works for which the rights holders cannot be found) and "Extended Collective Licensing" (allowing "licensing bodies" to intercede in and supplant the direct negotiations of licenses between rights holders and licensees) would have had a devastating effect on UK freelance creatives.

The groundbreaking campaign, run with no external funding, effectively used a multiplicity of online and networked media to organise UK photographers to campaign vociferously against Clause 43. With the support of the 16,000 members of the ten organisations listed on our website, and thousands of photographers who took direct lobbying action, the campaign succeeded in having Clause 43 removed from the Digital Economy Bill before passage as the Digital Economy Act 2010.

Stop43 has subsequently published its own radical vision for an equitable replacement for Clause 43 and remains active in the area of policy development for copyright and intellectual property. Stop43 submitted its proposals to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth, the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, and the European Commission. Follow at  facebook-icon 


The Equality Trust

TheEqualityTrustLogoThe Equality Trust seeks to reduce income inequality, in order to build a better society for all. We are an independent, evidence based organisation that educates and informs the public about the harm income inequality creates in all our lives. The gap between rich and poor is entrenched and this is bad for everyone, even the wealthier people in society.

Our aim is to build a mass movement for social change. We do this by generating and supporting grassroots activity led by local groups throughout the UK, by promoting robust and evidence based arguments on equality in the media, and by engaging with decision makers and opinion formers.

A change in mindset is desperately needed to address the social ills in our society. If the country as a whole is more equal then we all do better across most social indicators - from improving mental health to reducing teenage pregnancy and from enhancing educational attainment to cutting crime rates.

It is vital that we take action. The ramifications of inequality are substantial and new thinking is required to make our lives the best they can be. Follow at facebook-icon twitter-icon


The PGB Photo Award

thepgbphotoawardThe prestigious International Photographers Award was founded by Jonas Lemberg in Sweden in 2008. The purpose of the event is to enhance journalistic photography and strengthen the position of the professional photographer.

The purpose of this event is to enhance journalistic photography and to strengthen the position for the professional photographer. It is also intended to inspire young and new photographers and get more people interested in photography.

Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to compete in The Photographers Giving Back Award. The third  contest opens in november of 2011. Many photographers, if not all, have a wish to be part in changing the world to a better place. So do we! That’s why we have started the Photographers Giving Back program. This program will give donations to causes which reflect the spirit of the contest. Donations to The Giving Back program will be greatly appreciated and will be given out.


The Royal Photographic Society

RPS_RGB_300dpiThe Royal Photographic Society is an educational charity found in 1853 to promote the art and science of photography. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in photography and The Society has nearly 11,000 members in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

The Society continues with its original objectives and supporting those wanting to improve their photography through a programme of workshops and courses, exhibitions and through its distinctions programme which is widely respected internationally. It publishes the RPS Journal and Imaging Science Journal.

The Society has fourteen special interest groups which range from contemporary and digital photography to historical, 3D and holography to documentary visual journalism each of which runs their own events and produce their own publications. The Society also acts for photography and photographers representing their interests to government and to other organisations.

Visit The Royal Photographic Society online at www.rps.org

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The Society of Authors

SocietyOfAuthorsUKLogo_2lines-350 The Society of Authors has been serving the interests of professional writers for more than a century. Today it has more than 8,900 members writing in all areas of the profession (from novelists to doctors, textbook writers to ghost writers, broadcasters to academics, illustrators to translators).

Whatever your specialisation, you are eligible to join as soon as you have been offered a contract. The staff are ready to help members with any query, however trivial or obscure, relating to the business of writing. Services include the confidential, individual vetting of contracts, and help with professional disputes.

In addition, the Society holds meetings and seminars, publishes a quarterly journal, The Author, and maintains a database of members’ specializations. Follow at  facebook-icon twitter-icon


The Southern Oregon Artists Resource

SOAR_featured_SOARThe Southern Oregon Artists Resource was founded in 2009 to promote southern Oregon's artists and art community to the world and direct traffic to member websites. It has since become a go-to information site for arts enthusiasts throughout the state, with additional visitors from across the country and around the world.

We launched our blog, Art Matters!, in March 2010 to provide a venue where our members can publish press releases, syndicate their blogs, announce local class & workshop offerings and search for calls to artists. Here new residents (our area is the third on the list of places people move when relocating away from their current home state!) and seasonal visitors can find current information about gallery exhibits and other art events they can include in their activities when they come to visit family or to enjoy the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland) or the Britt Music Festival (Jacksonville), both of which draw people to beautiful southern Oregon from around the world.

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Travel Photographer of the Year Ltd

tpotyCreated in 2003 by photographer Chris Coe, Travel Photographer of the Year Ltd promotes a major travel competition run by photographers for photographers across the world and is open to all, amateur and professional.

TPOTY is run from an office in the Suffolk countryside, which is renowned for its good weather and big skies. From our windows the TPOTY team has a view which rivals some of those shown in the images we receive. Although the competition has grown, we have tried to keep a friendly, personal touch to everything. The pleasure we get in receiving some amazing images from photographers around the world is as great as ever. Follow at  twitter-icon  facebook-icon


Union Internationale de Spéléologie

ww-uis_colorThe Union Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS) is the international body for cave exploration and science. Formed in 1965 and headquartered in Slovenia, the UIS is comprised of over 60 member nations. Its International Congress occurs every four years, but most of its member nations hold annual conventions. These events typically include exhibitions and competitions in cave arts which include photography, painting, sculpture, maps, graphics, music, video, and symbolic materials.

The UIS is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes the development of interaction between academic and technical speleologists of a wide range of nationalities to develop and coordinate international speleology in all of its scientific, technical, cultural and economic aspects.


Velofest of Macedonia

velofestlogo_125x125 VeloFest - a Creative Bicycle Festival based in Macedonia.

It is a platform for bicycle promotion as a way of living: transport, recreation, inspiration for works of art or just an adventure and fun. Follow at  twitter-icon  facebook-icon.


Wild Places Publishing

WildPlacesPublishingUK Wild Places Publishing specialises in caving-related books and other publications; it is perhaps best known for Descent, the magazine of underground exploration. First published in 1969, Descent passed to Wild Places Publishing in 1998 and is totally written, edited and produced by cavers.

Descent remains an influential magazine within its field; it is British-based but is read internationally. Its production values gained the Tratman Award for 2008, granted to the best caving literature of the year, 'in recognition of the magazine's contribution to speleology'.

Wild Places respects artists' intellectual property rights within its publications and only promotes and praises best practice photographic and other competitions within its pages. Poorly thought-out rules and rights-grabs related to the caving world may be highlighted in print.

Wild Places Publishing and Descent magazine are proud to support the Artists Bill of Rights, as is the associated Wild Places Photography featuring images by Chris Howes.


Wolf Photography

Wolf-Photography Wolf Photography  is an independent Stock Image Library covering a wide range of subjects including action, sports and events, nature, people, entertainment, culture, and travel. Images are available for licensing for publications and website usage as well as photo art. Prints for home or office use can also be supplied. Images are not available on a Royalty Free basis.

Wolf Photography is owned by Villayat Sunkmanitu, a freelance photographer, writer, poet and a veteran of the British armed forces. Follow at  facebook-icon Blogger-Icon


World Photography Organisation

sonywpa2-img1World Photography Organisation was founded in 2007 and is one of the most important photographic events in the world. At its heart is a competition with the aim of encouraging excellence and celebrating photography within both the professional and amateur communites. The World Photography Organisation delivers varous initiatives and programmes across the global photographic community under the "World Photography" brand.

These programmes involve the amateur and professional photographer in commercial, cultural and educational activities within the photographic industry. Proudly sponsored by Sony, the World Photography Awards is widely recognised as the leading photographic awards programme in the World. Follow at  facebook-icon   twitter-icon

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Pro-Imaging.org founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

Pro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers
who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.