Who We Are

bill_of_rights_logoWe are Bill of Rights Supporters, organisations from around the world united by a belief that artists' intellectual property rights are to be respected. We believe everyone is an artist, each with the capacity to create an expressive work, a painting, photograph, poem, video, music, story and many other forms of expression. They all have value which is why the law grants each and everyone of us with exclusive rights to control how our works may be used.

Each organisation listed here has committed to supporting the aims of Bill of Rights for Artists, a set of ethical principles for the treatment of your rights. The Bill of Rights principles apply particularly to competitions seeking creative content, however, it can and is applied generally to other activities requiring the submission of creative content, such as appeals.

Further information about the Bill of Rights for Artists' campaign aims can be read in the Introduction to the Bill of Rights for Artists. Listed below in alphabetical order is a complete listing of all the organisations who support the Bill of Rights for Artists.  Why not add your organisation's name to this list and benefit from free and positive promotion for your organisation? Feel free to contact us about becoming a supporter and benefit from free promotion on this campaign website.

Pro-Imaging.org founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

Pro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers
who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.