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ApogeeLogo_web3Apogee Photo Magazine;  Since 1996, Apogee Photo Magazine has been a FREE online magazine designed to inform, educate and entertain photographers of all levels.  We are comfortable serving photographers in the home, the classroom, the club meeting, the studio or anywhere you can be online.

We offer high quality photographic articles and columns around an array of subjects--how-to's & techniques, business, nature & wildlife, travel, digital imaging, fashion photography and more.  The offering of online photography classes through the Apogee Photo Online Campus makes access to learning this art form easy, interactive and fun.

Apogee Photo Magazine is conversational and friendly--photo networking in progress.

Pro-Imaging.org founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

Pro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers
who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.