Contacting Us

You can contact us by using one of two different forms.

If you want to become an Artists' Bill of Rights Supporter use the 'Supporter or General Enquiry' form to tell us about your organisation and any competitions you may organise.  It is not necessary for you to run competitions in order to become an Artists' Bill of Rights Supporter, only that you support the principles set out in the Artists' Bill of Rights, and that you will neither organise or sponsor competitions that don't comply with the Artists' Bill of Rights.

If you want to tell us about a competition (or some other matter) use the Competition Notice Form.

Enquiries about adding a promotion for a competition to our Rights On list, or about becoming an Artists' Bill of Rights Supporter, are given priority. founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

Pro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers
who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.