Artists Rights Posters

A series of eye-catching posters designed to promote the rights of artists will help the Artists' Bill of Rights campaign aims to reach a wider audience. The first set of posters are illustrated below and others will be added as they become available.

Posters designed by Van Cols Ltd

The following posters were created for Artists Rights by Van Cols Ltd - we are very grateful to Janus van Helfteren, the owner, for creating them. There are two themes for these posters, 1) that artists rights are human rights, and 2) the importance to artists of understanding the small print that appears in contracts that concern their creative works.

Thumbnails of each poster are illustrated below - click on any to see a larger version and for more information. Please feel free to add any of the posters that appeal to you to your own website, post them on social media, and send them to your friends. Commercial use is prohibited.

post 12

post 8
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