Global Photography Awards announces $150,000 Grand Prize competition

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 01:04


Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the World’s richest photography competition. Select your best work, submit your photos and win a $150,000 Grand Prize. 

Submissions open July 1st, 2015.

"Global Photography Awards aims to promote the beauty of the photograph. It does not matter if the photo was shot in the past or shot in the present, framed by a professional or an amateur. Our desire is to find a one photograph that is worthy of the Grand Prize."

A "Rights On" competition

traffic light goGlobal Photography Awards worked with Artists Bill of Rights to ensure entrants' rights will be properly respected, as listed in our Principles for Rights On competitions. Global Photography Awards will also preserve metadata and authorship, in addition to preserving image integrity, to every extent possible. View their terms for complete information.

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Artists Bill of RIghts thanks British Airways re: "Inspire Us" competition

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 04:21

BoR Creative People 250The Artists' Bill of Rights wishes to thank British Airways on behalf of all those who reached out to them regarding the terms and conditions of their "Inspire Us" competition.

Although the terms do not fully comply with our Principles, they do represent such a significant improvement from the original that you may wish to consider entering.

Under the new, revised terms, only the winning image may be used for unrestricted commercial use by BA and its partners. Our understanding is that non-winning images will not be published or used in any way. If you consider this condition acceptable, you may wish to enter. The choice is always yours.

See our revised report for details.


The 2nd International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015

Monday, 09 March 2015 00:54

Marcos Furer Argentina 640Photograph: Marcos Furer, Argentina, a 2014 ILPOTY winner

Artists Bill of Rights is pleased to announce the open call for the 2nd International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015. ILPOTY attracts a high caliber of entrants and their terms and conditions are some of the best we've seen.


The Competition

2014 saw the first year of the competition, and was a great success with 2233 images entered from around the world, culminating in a stunning first collection of the top 101 images. The collection was published in a beautiful coffee table book by Momento Pro.

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British Airways wants inspiration and your copyright!

Thursday, 05 March 2015 22:16


British Airways significantly improved the terms and conditions
of their "Inspire Us" contest.

Please see our revised report for details.

Many thanks to those who reached out to British Airways on behalf of Artists' Bill of Rights.

The information below is out-of-date and no longer applicable!

"Inspire us!", pleads a current British Airways competition.

BA Inpsire"We want to inspire everyone to go on holiday and come back with a different take on their trip and we need your help."

Help us to ALL your rights, too!

And by entering the competition you will certainly be giving BA plenty of help.

"By entering the competition you assign to BA the complete copyright and all other rights in or to any photograph or the content contained within any entry, which shall be for the full period of copyright."

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What is Empowering about Giving Up your Moral Rights and Copyright?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 15:56

traffic light stopThe Artists' Bill of Rights continually emphasizes how important it is to read Terms and Conditions of every competition before you enter it.

#WomenMakeItHappen, sponsored by Thomson Reuters Foundation and Microsoft, is a case-in-point. And it is a complicated one with multiple sets of terms: one for the entry portal (Talenthouse), and one for the competition.

Grant of perpetual, irrevocable license and waiver of moral rights

By submitting content via their portal (Talenthouse), you grant a "perpetual, irrevocable" license for Talenthouse and their advertising affiliates, among others, to use your image for "the promotion of our clients and/or promotional partners and their products or services." Furthermore, "You waive any and all claims you may now or later have in any jurisdiction to so-called “moral rights” or rights of “droit moral” with respect to the User Content."WomenMakeItHappen Rights Off

Entrants retain copyright but winners are at risk of losing it in exchange for their prize

Beware of disclaimers in bold type assuring that you retain copyright to your work, as in this competition. Such statements can be misleading. By entering via Talenthouse you've already granted perpetual and irrevocable image use in addition to waiving your moral rights. Now, if you win, you must agree to the following:

"Upon the Promoter’s and/or Sponsor's request, winners agree to sign any and all legal forms deemed necessary to license or assign all right, title and interest in and to the Work, including without limitation, all copyrights associated therewith, in exchange for the Prizes set forth above."WomenMakeItHappen Rights Off

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